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Aleksandra graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2014 with a Master's in Physiotherapy, after having completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences.  She has been registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario since 2014.

She completed additional courses in acupuncture and dry needling; for shoulder, hip and knee treatment; for the lumbar spine; and in K-taping.

Aleksandra treats orthopaedic conditions including tendonitis and bursitis of various joints, chronic neck and low back pain, headaches, frozen shoulder, ankle/joint sprains/strains, stiffness in various joints and muscular tension.

Aleksandra's focuses on education and exercise prescription during online treatments. She believes that a regular exercise routine, along with some lifestyle changes, can have a great impact on improving the health and well being of an individual. 

Aleksandra has been interviewed by the team at WorldClassPerformer. Please find her interview here:

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