Manual therapy includes myofascial release techniques, mobilization of joints as well as passive range of motion.


Myofascial release is used to decrease tension of tight muscles.


Mobilization of joints is performed to increase mobility of stiff joints throughout the body.


Passive range of motion or stretches are used to increase flexibility and range of motion of tight muscles and stiff joints.

Modalities used at the clinic are therapeutic ultrasound, taping, acupuncture and dry needling.


Therapeutic ultrasound is used for inflammation of a tendon, where sound waves increase blood flow to the injured area which promotes healing. 

Taping techniques are used for stabilizing joints, increasing proprioception and providing biofeedback to the injured muscle or joint.

Acupuncture is used to balance the energy and blood in the body. Dry needling is used for treatment of myofascial pain and deactivation of trigger points. 

Education and exercises are a crucial component of every patient's recovery process. Patients are educated on their condition and its causes.

Appropriate exercises are given for each condition and practiced to ensure patient is performing them correctly. Patients are also educated on changes they can incorporate in their daily life to maintain good health.